Dr. Orlando’s patients get exciting results

I have been a patient of Dr. Orlando’s for over 6 months now, & every step of the way, throughout my injury process, Dr. Orlando & his staff were incredibly informational & helpful. Helping me navigate my way back to work with any questions or concerns I had. I ended up needing surgery from Dr. Orlando, & the whole process was absolutely comforting and informative. I am now recovering & couldn’t be happier or more pleased with the professionalism, comforting, & informative way of Dr. Orlando & his staff. He is an amazing & personable physician that truly cares for his patients.


Joe McLaughlin

My daughter saw Dr. Orlando after months of unresolved and misdiagnosed shoulder pain. Dr. Orlando was kind, thorough, and listened patiently to my daughter’s complaints and symptoms. Following examinations and MRI, he diagnosed a rotator cuff tear. My daughter was a high school athlete at the time and was very concerned about competing again. He addressed her concerns patiently, prescribing physical therapy as soon as possible, following minimally invasive surgery. My daughter fully recovered and is now a D1 college athlete. We are so thankful for Dr. Orlando’s excellent care.


Mayra del Valle

We have been patients of Dr. Orlando for eight years now. He is an excellent doctor and surgeon who has helped all three of our children with their various sports injuries. He is kind, courteous, and never in a rush. He allows his patients to make the final decision about surgery. Great doctor, great facility.



I was in extreme pain the first time I saw Doctor Orlando-I could barely walk, I received an injection that cleared 80% of my pain and the next few days I was 100% better. He has told me I will eventually need surgery on my knee as it is really bone on bone. He is not pushing me to have surgery. He is excellent, very knowledgeable and caring.



As a lifelong athlete, I have had my share of ailments and injuries. Over the past 10 years, I have had knee, back, ankle, and shoulder injuries. During this time span I have had the privilege of being treated by Dr. Carlo Orlando. He has treated me in the most comprehensive ways possible. His skillset and knowledge are second to none and his bedside manner is impeccable! He and his staff have taken the time to properly diagnosis injuries (at times when others could not) and provide a thorough treatment plan. The care they have shown, from the first appointment booking, to the final release, has been outstanding. The follow up weeks, or months after final treatment is a pleasant surprise. Little things like that show that Dr. Orlando and his staff truly care about each and every patient. The care he has given me (and several of my friends and family) has provided an improvement of my overall quality of life. I continue to recommend that anyone with orthopedic ailments reach out to Dr. Orlando. He is the best of the best!


Scotty Pharr

Dr Orlando has performed two surgeries for me. He did my ACL and Meniscus and both have been outstanding. I’m going on ten years on the ACL and went back to full sporting activities after the surgery– the same goes for the Meniscus.


The care I received from Dr. Orlando and his his staff was amazing. From the Dr. to the nurse that checked me in the day of surgery, all were polite, helpful, and most of all they cared about me and made me feel very comfortable. I was nervous walking into the surgery building on both occasions but once in and welcomed I was instantly at ease. I was given clear and easy instructions to follow both before and after my surgery. Post surgery, during the visits and physical therapy, I found Dr. Orlando to show extreme concern that all was well with my knees. His Physical Therapy staff made PT fun. That was very important as I spent a lot of time with them.


Dr Orlando has looked after my 6 children as they have had the usual kid injuries: wrists, broken bones, etc. He also is always available when it comes time for advice. If the area of concern is outside of his specialized field, he gave me referrals to others doctors, which I found to be very helpful.


I cannot say enough about Dr. Orlando and the service he provides.


Mark Snashall