Knee arthroscopy for ACL and meniscus injuries

Dr. Orlando offers minimally invasive, revolutionary treatments
for common knee injuries
The most common injuries I see and treat at Central Coast Arthritis and Orthopedic Specialists are ACL and meniscus tears. These tears are traditionally associated with sudden stops and starts during intense sports, though meniscus tears can occur while doing more gentle activities like yoga. Adults become more prone to such tears as they age, as the body’s tissues lose elasticity during the aging process.


Treating these injuries non-surgically is always my goal, but if conservative treatments are not an option, many of our patients opt for ligament repair or reconstruction. Luckily, treatment for ACL and meniscus tears has come a long way in the past decade, and the advanced techniques used today minimize pain and recovery time after surgery and even allow patients to walk immediately following their procedures – they even get home in time for dinner!

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    Understanding the ACL

    1What is the ACL?

    The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) crosses over the posterior cruciate ligament in the front of the knee. The ACL is one of the four major ligaments that facilitates the mechanics of the knee and prevents things like forward movement of the shin bone or hyperextension of the knee. The ACL also stabilizes rotation.


    Ligaments hold the bones in the leg together, with the ACL connecting the tibia to the femur to stabilize the knee. These strong bands of tissue are prone to tearing during certain activities, especially the ACL.  

    2What causes ACL injuries?

    ACL injuries are usually sports-related and often happen during sudden stops or starts in movement, fast changes in direction or speed, or by a direct impact to the front of the knee. Volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer, football, tennis and gymnastics are frequently associated with ACL injuries.

    3What are the symptoms of an ACL injury?

    The symptoms of an ACL injury may include:

    • Pain accompanied by swelling in the affected area
    • Loss of normal, full range of knee motion
    • Sensitivity along the line of your knee joint
    • Discomfort while walking or bending the knee


    You may be able to endure the pain and return to normal activities without treatment, however, having a doctor examine your ACL condition is crucial because participating in routine activities on an unstable joint can lead to further injury. People who live with untreated ACL injuries are also more likely to develop arthritis.

    ACL tear treatment options

    ACL tears do not heal without surgery.  Some patients who are not active or who are older may opt to skip surgery if the knee is stable and they can alleviate pain through other methods, such as using anti-inflammatories, a brace, or physical therapy.  


    While these options may help with pain management, an injured ACL leaves the knee vulnerable to further injury that is more invasive to repair. While most surgeons only reconstruct ACLs, Dr. Orlando is able to repair the ACL if the damage is not too serious.

    ACL repair vs. reconstruction

    Most surgeons perform an ACL reconstruction when operating on an ACL,  though Dr. Orlando always aims for the least invasive option, which is ACL repair. He is one of a handful of doctors nationwide that offers this option to patients.


    When an ACL is reconstructed, the surgeon relies on grafting the ACL using tendons (a tissue similar to ligaments) from the patient’s leg or a cadaver. ACL reconstruction through grafting may be the only option for very damaged ACLs, but the best option is to use sutures to repair the existing ACL, leaving patients with a shorter recovery time and a more natural-feeling knee joint! If you have injured your ACL and think you need surgery, contact Dr. Orlando to learn more about both procedures and how he can help you get back to the active lifestyle that you love.

    Click here to listen to Dr. Orlando discuss the innovative ACL repair procedure on ESPN Radio

    Understanding the Meniscus

    1What is the meniscus?

    The meniscus is the cartilage inside of the knee that is responsible for cushioning the knee joint between the femur and tibia and absorbing the impact of simple and intense knee movement. Because of the important role that the meniscus plays in the function of the knee, it is prone to wearing down over time.

    2What causes meniscus injuries?

    Most of the time an injury to the meniscus is caused by an athletic movement like jumping, running, or rotating on a weight-bearing leg, though gentle movements and exercises can also injure the meniscus. Low-impact injuries can occur because the meniscus is in constant use and the tissue has a tendency to lose elasticity over time.

    3Meniscus injury symptoms


    Painful symptoms, such as, swelling, buckling or locking of the knee, and reduced range of motion are associated with a tear of the meniscus. A severe injury to the meniscus will leave your knee feeling unstable. Regardless of the severity of your injury, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is important to have your injury evaluated – with imaging – by an orthopedic doctor to avoid further damage to your cartilage or your joint.

    Meniscus Tear Treatment Options

    While rest, ice, anti-inflammatories, and physical therapy can heal minor injuries to the meniscus, surgery is usually a requirement for more serious meniscus damage. For Dr. Orlando, surgery is always the last resort when exploring treatments possibilities. However, Dr. Orlando utilizes a state-of-the-art approach that means less pain and a faster recovery time for his meniscus surgery patients.


    Dr. Orlando aims to get his patients back to the activities they love as fast as possible and has his Templeton, San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Atascadero, Fresno, Stockton & Bakersfield patients walking, pain-free, immediately following their procedures. Whether your meniscus only requires a repair or needs to be removed partially or fully via a meniscectomy, Dr. Orlando and the team at CCAOS can get you back in action ASAP.

    State-of-the-art arthroscopic knee surgery for ACL repair or reconstruction & meniscus repair

    Arthroscopic knee surgery is already minimally invasive, but Dr. Orlando is at the forefront of the latest surgical innovations and offers his patients the least invasive knee surgery possible. By offering an advanced pain management protocol, mastering revolutionary techniques, and utilizing the best equipment, Dr. Orlando has changed the face of arthroscopic knee surgery on the Central Coast.


    Using advanced imaging and ultrasound-guided nerve blocks, his patients skip the general anesthesia (and the nausea that comes with it), walk immediately after surgery, and recover from home – quickly – with little-to-no physical therapy required. This allows our patients to have the best of both worlds by regaining the maximum amount of mobility with the least amount of pain. Contact CCAOS for a free image review and to learn more!

    Knee surgery testimonial

    Dr Orlando has performed two surgeries for me. He did my ACL and Meniscus and both have been outstanding. I’m going on ten years on the ACL and went back to full sporting activities after the surgery– the same goes for the Meniscus.


    The care I received from Dr. Orlando and his his staff was amazing. From the Dr. to the nurse that checked me in the day of surgery, all were polite, helpful, and most of all they cared about me and made me feel very comfortable. I was nervous walking into the surgery building on both occasions but once in and welcomed I was instantly at ease. I was given clear and easy instructions to follow both before and after my surgery. Post surgery, during the visits and physical therapy, I found Dr. Orlando to show extreme concern that all was well with my knees. His Physical Therapy staff made PT fun. That was very important as I spent a lot of time with them.


    Dr Orlando has looked after my 6 children as they have had the usual kid injuries: wrists, broken bones, etc. He also is always available when it comes time for advice. If the area of concern is outside of his specialized field, he gave me referrals to others doctors, which I found to be very helpful.


    I cannot say enough about Dr. Orlando and the service he provides.

    – Mark Snashall

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      About Dr. Orlando

      Carlo Orlando, MD. relocated to the Central Coast in 2018 following 23 years of orthopedic sports practice in Glendale, California. Dr. Orlando brings a wealth of experience to Central Coast Arthritis and Orthopedic Specialists, specializing in arthroscopic hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries and joint reconstruction.


      Prior to moving to Templeton, Dr. Orlando was a 20-year volunteer attending orthopedic surgeon at the University of Southern California. He also spent four years as the fellowship director for the AOS orthopedic and sports fellowship program. Additionally, he served as as a preceptor for the USC physician assistant program for the last 10 years.

      I have working in Law Enforcement for more than 30 years and with that comes a lot of wear and tear on my body, but even more so on my knees. Dr. Orlando has been my orthopedist for the last several years and through treatment and a minor meniscus surgery, I feel like I have the knees of a young man again. From the time I started seeing him, Dr. Orlando always made me feel relaxed and comfortable. He always took the extra time to not only explain his plan of treatment but to explain specifically what my issues were and how I got to the point I was. When it ultimately came time that I needed surgery, it was because we had exhausted all other options. It was clear to me from the beginning that; although, Dr. Orlando is a surgeon, he was not “cut happy.” He explained in the beginning that surgery was always an option, but there were non-surgical treatments that could be explored first. Dr. Orlando educated me to those options and left the decision entirely to me. Following my surgery, Dr. Orlando had me back to work within a weeks’ time and I have been pain free since then. Dr. Orlando and his staff were so well versed in handling my worker’s compensation paperwork, I was able to get treatments in a very quick time frame, which help speed my recovery and return to work with very minimal lost time.

      Although I became a patient because of my work-related injuries, I was so impressed with Dr. Orlando’s manner of treatment that both of my children also became his patients because of their sports related injuries.

      Thank you Dr. Orlando! Although you’ve relocated, I will make the drive in the event I ever need your help.

      – Larry Burcher

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